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Falcons 2022 AGM:

Date and Time: Dec 8th at 7pm

Location: SDRC Upper Meeting Room.


Falcons would like to congratulate Mayor Harvie for his reelection this fall. The Mayor has made a significant difference in the direction of sport in the community and the Falcons Club look forward to seeing what he and his “Achieving for Delta” team can achieve during their new term. This fall the Mayor and his team will be looking at a new revised Master Plan at Winskill Park which Falcons have a vested interest in after meeting with Mayor Harvie back in May. While it’s not a slam dunk, the discussions outlined the commitment from the Mayor to build a home at Winskill for the Falcons Field Hockey club. His proposal to council will hopefully bring a new era of revitalization back to the club and its place in the delta community which have been long eroding due to lack of quality facilities. We’d like to thank the club members for helping support the mayor and his re-election and look forward to moving ahead in an ongoing cooperative environment.


After many meetings with Mayor Harvie and his team over the past 4 years illustrating the need Falcons Field Hockey Club have for a water based turf, he has whole heartedly agreed that the club should have a place in the upcoming Winskill Park redevelopment to be put forward to Delta Counsel this fall. The turf, while not a done deal, will be determined by two factors, firstly Mayor Harvie is re-elected in October and secondly, that counsel approves the new plans for redesign of Winskill Park. This is a huge opportunity to secure the clubs future with a new field and start the process of regrowth that has been so needed for so many years. In support of this proposal we are asking the club members to get out and vote for Mayor Harvie and his Achieve Delta Team October 15, 2022. To find out more about the election and how you can vote for Mayor Harvie go to


Congratulations to Falcons Awards Winners

Falcons Scholarship

Heidi Leigh

Graeme Carswell Bursary

Sophia Schallig
Natalie Anderson


Congratulations U16 Girls!

Great work from Coach Andy, Aimee and the entire squad. The team went undefeated and took home gold at Wright Field at UBC.

Falcons winning tradition continues!