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Posted by Falcons Field Hockey Club - Delta, Ladner, Tsawwassen on Jan 23 2020 at 06:47PM PST in 2019 Spring Junior

The Red Caribou hats are back!


4-years after our first run for the 2016 Olympic team, we are raising funds again for the 2020 Canadian Olympic Field Hockey team.

The team just qualified for the 2020 games by defeating Ireland in an EPIC playoff series at Rutledge Field in West Vancouver.

Now the hard work and training begins for Tokyo!

This is a player initiative – organized by the players, and funds going directly to the players.

The Tokyo Collection LIMITED EDITION:
The Players Cap (100 units)
The Supporters SnapBack (50 units)
The Training Toque (100 units)

Hats shipped in February
Buy one, two or the full collection!
Sales open: December 25


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